How well do you know me?

about things I like and everything

1 What is my birth month
2 What date was I born on?
3 Where do I work at?
4 My colour of my hair
5 Am I an animal lover?
6 How many wii games do I own?
7 Whats my fave soical site
8 What is my fave animal
9 What's my fave band/ singer?
10 Do I like to read books
11 Fave song at the moment?
12 How many siblings do I have?
13 What do I want to do when I am older?
14 Why did u take this quiz
15 What do I hate?
16 What my fave colour
17 do u reckon this is the last question?
18 What sort of I-pod I own?
19 What's my fave subject/ option at school
20 What road do I live on?