How many BFF's do you really have?
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How many BFF's do you really have?

Find out if u have 3 BFFs or many BFFs

1. If you can have 4 partners to play 4 square with you how many would you choose?
2. What would you do on a sunny summer day?
3. If you got paired up with your enemy for a project what would you do?
4. If you broke up with your BF/GF and your friend dates your BF/GF what would you do?
5. For a birthday party your parents said you can have a big party with lots of people would you take it?
6. You are at the mall and you bought a shirt and you saw your enemy buy the same one would you still take it?
7. If you won tickets to see your favorite band in concert and you can invite whoever you want who would you invite?