Will Santa visit YOU this Christmas? Are you good?

Have you been good enough to receive a visit from the big man in red this year? Find out for sure. Then when you have got your own result- SHARE ON YOUR WALL AND WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

1 How many times did you say Please or Thankyou today.
2 How often do you clean your ears?
3 Your driving down the road when you see an old lady standing by her car with a flat tyre stranded- what do you do?
4 Do you change your own bed linen?
5 How many times have you pretended to be sick even though you wasn't- just to get a day off.
6 How often do you speak to your local Milkman?
7 Did you used to get up really early to see if Santa had visited your home when you was younger?
8 Do you put your hand and wave up to the waiting vehicles when you cross a Zebra crossing?
9 When you brush your teeth how long do you take?