Test your Horse IQ!

This quiz is geared towards those "horse crazy" girls or for equestrians that want to test their horse savvy.

1 What is the name for a female horse that is over 1 year of age?
2 This groove in a horses mouth can be used to determine the approximate age of the horse.
3 A horses normal resting temperature is........?
4 A horse that has been gelded, but continues to behave strongly like a stallion may be a...?
5 True or False? An adult mare has more permanent teeth than an adult male horse?
6 What is the name of the hard, fibrous protruding tissue that is found on the inside of the horses legs?
7 Can the horse see a jump when it is directly over the top of it?
8 What is the name given to the geometrical line a horse with proper form should exhibit of the jump?
9 True or False - Horses are herd animals.
10 The walk is .....beats, a trot is.....beats, a canter is.....beats
11 The part of an English bridle that sits below the horses ears is know as the...?
12 A horse that is the color of a Palimino but with black points (black mane, forelock, tail, legs) is called a