What kind of girl are you REALLY?
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What kind of girl are you REALLY?

So you see a million different quizzes like, "Wat type of gurl r u?" or "What teenage girl r u?" or "Wat click do u belong 2?". But thats all just stereotypical nonsense. This quiz is different - an updated version that doesn't use Mean Girls as a reference. And this quiz focuses on the aspects of your PERSONALITY, not just appearance.

1. If a man you don't know came up to you and your friends and greeted you, how do you react?
2. What kind of friend do you look out for?
3. What subjects do you enjoy?
4. What is your opinion on Boys and Relationships?
5. A really sweet guy asks you out. He has a great personality and doesn't just go for looks. One problem - he's ugly. Do you accept?
6. Your current boyfriend breaks up with you because he is bored with you. How do you react?
7. Your best friend has fallen pregnant. What do you do.
8. When you go to a shopping mall with your friends, what do you do?
9. What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
10. Do you want to get married?