What Christmas Movie are You?

If you were a Christmas Movie, which one would you be? Take this fun quiz and pass it on to friends and family to find out what Christmas Movie best describes them! Can you guess ahead of time? You might be surprised by the results - take the quiz now:

1 What did you want for Christmas when you were ten years old?
2 What was your favorite thing to eat or drink at Christmas time?
3 What's your favorite Christmas song or Christmas carol?
4 What's your favorite outdoor winter activity?
5 What's your favorite indoor Christmas-time activity?
6 What's your favorite color?
7 How many brothers and sisters do you have?
8 What's your favorite Christmas side dish?
9 What's your favorite Football Team?
10 What would you most like to eat as a treat on Christmas Eve?
11 What's always in your Christmas stocking?
12 How do you open Christmas gifts?