What percentage are you of dating Lisa Vo?

ATTENTION: Guys or gay girls only. Do you wanna date Lisa Vo? How much do you know her? Think you have a chance? Well lets find out.... TAKE THIS QUIZ NOW!!! (Jess made the quiz)

1 What are you likely to buy at the school canteen?
2 What would you buy on your anniversary?
3 What song do you like out of these?
4 What emoticon is the best out of these?
5 If Lisa was about to get hit by a bus. What would you do??
6 What would you like Lisa to wear on your first date?
7 If Lisa slapped you. How would you react?
8 Lisa's favourite food is?
9 Are you hot?
10 Do you like cats?
11 What's Lisa's middle name?
12 What's you're dream job?
13 Is Robert Patterson HOT??