What percentage are you of dating Lisa Vo?
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What percentage are you of dating Lisa Vo?

ATTENTION: Guys or gay girls only. Do you wanna date Lisa Vo? How much do you know her? Think you have a chance? Well lets find out.... TAKE THIS QUIZ NOW!!! (Jess made the quiz)

1. What are you likely to buy at the school canteen?
2. What would you buy on your anniversary?
3. What song do you like out of these?
4. What emoticon is the best out of these?
5. If Lisa was about to get hit by a bus. What would you do??
6. What would you like Lisa to wear on your first date?
7. If Lisa slapped you. How would you react?
8. Lisa's favourite food is?
9. Are you hot?
10. Do you like cats?
11. What's Lisa's middle name?
12. What's you're dream job?
13. Is Robert Patterson HOT??