how well do you no twilight?

lets test you and see how well you know twilgiht. (:

1 who was hunting Bella? (Twilgiht)
2 What did Jacob give Renesmee for Christmas? (Breaking Dawn)
3 Who Died in Breaking Dawn? (Breaking Dawn)
4 Who is the leader of the Volitorie? (New Moon, Eclipde, Breaking Dawn)
5 What year was Edward born in? (New Moon)
6 What does Edward break to show Bella how he can hurt her? (eclipse)
7 Who said this quote.?"You over protective fool" (Eclipse)
8 Who was the only person ot escape James? (Twilight)
9 When Bella was prego what did she want to name the baby? (Breaking Dawn
10 What color does Alice paint Bellas toe nails? (Eclipse)