how well do you no twilight?
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how well do you no twilight?

lets test you and see how well you know twilgiht. (:

1. who was hunting Bella? (Twilgiht)
2. What did Jacob give Renesmee for Christmas? (Breaking Dawn)
3. Who Died in Breaking Dawn? (Breaking Dawn)
4. Who is the leader of the Volitorie? (New Moon, Eclipde, Breaking Dawn)
5. What year was Edward born in? (New Moon)
6. What does Edward break to show Bella how he can hurt her? (eclipse)
7. Who said this quote.?"You over protective fool" (Eclipse)
8. Who was the only person ot escape James? (Twilight)
9. When Bella was prego what did she want to name the baby? (Breaking Dawn
10. What color does Alice paint Bellas toe nails? (Eclipse)