How Well Do You Know Raina Bret?
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How Well Do You Know Raina Bret?

I FUCKING HATE QUIZBONE this is the third time i have tried to make this shit.

1. Okayyyy.... What is Raina's full name?
2. How old is Raina?
3. When Is Raina's Birthday?
4. What color is Raina's hair?
5. What Are Raina's Parents Names?
6. Whats Raina's Bra Size???
7. True Or False... Raina Has Had Sex Before
8. Where Is Raina's beauty Mark located?
9. wHO aRE rAINA'S bEST FRIENDS? oops caps!
10. Raina is....
11. How many times have i had to make this tupid fucking quiz?
12. what color are Raina's eyes?