How Well Do You Know Raina Bret?

I FUCKING HATE QUIZBONE this is the third time i have tried to make this shit.

1 Okayyyy.... What is Raina's full name?
2 How old is Raina?
3 When Is Raina's Birthday?
4 What color is Raina's hair?
5 What Are Raina's Parents Names?
6 Whats Raina's Bra Size???
7 True Or False... Raina Has Had Sex Before
8 Where Is Raina's beauty Mark located?
9 wHO aRE rAINA'S bEST FRIENDS? oops caps!
10 Raina is....
11 How many times have i had to make this tupid fucking quiz?
12 what color are Raina's eyes?