how well do you know atreyu?

if you like that band then this is the quiz for you

1 how many band members are in atreyu
2 what is the name of atreyu's SECOND album
3 what album is the track 'a vampire's lament' originally from?
4 'gallows' is from what album of the following:
5 which TWO albums had NO songs on the 'best of atreyu' cd
6 which of the following band members is NOT currently in atreyu?
7 what inspired the name atreyu?
8 before it appeared on the 'underworld: evolution' soundtrack, 'her portrait in black' was from what album?
9 which of the following songs has NOT been made into a music video?
10 who is the current bass player?
11 what was atreyu's former name before atreyu
12 in what year was 'the best of atreyu' released?
13 'will you still hold me when you see what i have done. will you still kiss me the same, when you taste my bitter blood' is two lines from what song?