THE DARKER SIDE OF THE BOSS "Bruce Springsteen has written some of pop musics most disturbing songs.Each statement below describes something that happens to be a character in a song.Tell me which song that it is describing"

1 Serial killer wants his girlfriend to sit on his lap as hes fried in the electric chair
2 The last words of this nasty song are "My jesus ,your gracious love and mercy tonight im sorry could not fill my heart like one good rifle,and the name of who i ought to kill"
3 At the end of this song,a young Mexican hustler gets hit by a car,limps to his blanket beneath an underpass,and lies there dying ,tasting blood on his tongue.
4 KKK members burn down Vietnamese shrimp boats: a Vietnamese man shoots some of them in self defence
5 A Vietnam veteran stands in the middle of a black river,staring at the lights of his town
6 A man claims he could only feel "the drugs and the shotgun and my fear inside of me" when he killed innocent people
7 The narrator of this song says he hopes to go to Hell when he dies
8 A man asks a judge to have him executed after killing a night clerk
9 A killer tells his victim "Remember my name before you die",says his name,and then shoots him in the face
10 A young Mexican man is cooking methamphetamine when the shack hes in explodes.He is laid to rest by his brother.