How Well Do You Know The Notebook?
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How Well Do You Know The Notebook?

Are you as obsessed as I am?

1. What year did Duke say the book said?
2. What does Allie say Noah is after he approaches her in the street?
3. What is Noah's dad's name?
4. What song does Allie SAY she's playing on the piano in the old house?
5. How much money does Noah say he makes an hour?
6. What color is Allie's dress in scene 14?
7. What is the color of Allie's car?
8. What 3 foods does Noah ask for after they wake up?
9. What does the nurse say she is going to get in the end?
10. What is Allie's granddaughter's name?
11. Does Allie "remember" in the end?