How much do you know about Eminem ?

In this quiz, You will be answering a few questions that will end up telling you how much you know about Eminem.

1 What is eminem's nick name ?
2 What is eminem's real name ?
3 What is the name of eminems first CD?
4 What is eminems first song ever published ?
5 How many CDs does eminem have ?
6 Which one of these verses is in the song, When I'm gone by: Eminem.?
7 What is the song called where eminem talks about trading shoes with somone so they can feel his pain?
8 How old is eminem ?
9 Whats eminems birthday?
10 Where was eminem born?
11 Which one of these is an Eminem song?
12 Who made eminem famous?
13 How did eminem get noticed ?