How good are you at Math?
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How good are you at Math?

This quiz is to test u and see how good u are at Math. (All grades)

1. (Easy) 1st grade. 12+12=____
2. (Easy) 2nd grade. How many stars? ************************-*************
3. (Meduim) 4th grade. 54x4=___ , 500x70=___
4. (Meduim) 5th grade. Round the problems (Greatest Plave Value), then solve. 568x83=
5. (Hard) 7th grade. Find the value of z. zx13=52. (Hint: u have to divide.)
6. (Hard) 6th grade. Divide 355,978 by 541.....
7. Answer. Free points! If you have 435 stamps and you give 28 to your friend. How many pages are needed if you put them into pages with 2 on each page? (Hint: You will have a remander. When done, add a page for the remender.)