How good are you at Math?

This quiz is to test u and see how good u are at Math. (All grades)

1 (Easy) 1st grade. 12+12=____
2 (Easy) 2nd grade. How many stars? ************************-*************
3 (Meduim) 4th grade. 54x4=___ , 500x70=___
4 (Meduim) 5th grade. Round the problems (Greatest Plave Value), then solve. 568x83=
5 (Hard) 7th grade. Find the value of z. zx13=52. (Hint: u have to divide.)
6 (Hard) 6th grade. Divide 355,978 by 541.....
7 Answer. Free points! If you have 435 stamps and you give 28 to your friend. How many pages are needed if you put them into pages with 2 on each page? (Hint: You will have a remander. When done, add a page for the remender.)