How CMR pepband-tastic are you??

This is for all of the CMR pepband members! We will see if you have what it takes to be a true pepband enthusiast :)

1 Why do we shout "Shoot for Boots!" when the opposing team makes a free throw shot?
2 What is considered appropriate attire for a pep band game?
3 What are the drum major's names?
4 Who plays the base drums during the Rustle Hustle?
5 What is the song that no one really wants to play?
6 What is the warmup for pepband this year?
7 Why do you like pep band?
8 The drum major just said 10-2! What do you do??
9 What is the pep band version of "Hey Baby"?
10 What do you do when the clock on the scoreboard says 3:14?