Are you a big twilight fan???

Do you know alot about twilight? Think you can score 100??? Find out here!!!

1 What color was Bella's "new" truck?
2 In which class does Bella sit with Edward?
3 How many cars away was Edward when he saved Bella in chapter 3?
4 What was Bella's excuse for not going to the Spring Dance?
5 True or False: Edward skipped class when they were taking blood types
6 who was in Bella's nightmare, besides herself, in chapter 7?
7 Who did Bella go with to Port Angeles?
8 True or false: Edward is a Vampire
9 What is Emmets favorite Animal to hunt?
10 What is Bella's new favorite gemstone?
11 What happens when Edward goes in the sun???
12 What year was Edward born?
13 How many vampires "visited" the Cullens during the game?
14 Who went to Pheonix with Bella?
15 Where did James torture Bella?