How cool are you?
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How cool are you?

Lets see if your cool or not! Get the highest percentage and your cool , but if you get the lowest percentage your ice cold!

1. What Color Sun glasses would you wear?
2. What style are you?
3. What color is your hair?
4. What letter does is the first letter in your first name?
5. What animal would you like?
6. How many friends do you have?
7. Would you go to the prom in High School?
8. What kind of music do you like?
9. Do you like Pie?
10. Do you like puppies?
11. Would you stop globel warming?
12. Do you like tacos?
13. What is your favorite holiday?
14. What is your favorite sport?
15. Do you like Elephants?
16. Do you like stuffed animals?
17. Do you like rice?
18. Do you like roses?
19. Do you like music?
20. Do you like poka-dots?
21. Do you like peace signs
22. Do you like smiley faces?
23. Do you like bread
24. Do you like this quiz?
25. Do you like waffles?