How well do you know the Fat Kids? PART II

Part 2 of the How well do you know the Fat Kids quiz :)

1 What kind of car does Ralph drive?
2 Who drove 50 miles with a hot dog on their antenna? (Thanks to Michelle Moran)
3 Who got mooned through their sunroof?(Thanks to Michelle Moran)
4 Who leaned out their tent in the middle of the night saying their cold and screaming "I LOVE YOU!" at his girlfriend so she would keep him warm?(Thanks to Michelle Moran)
5 Quick! Pick one! They all count as a score!!
6 What is the Fat Kids' main beer?
7 What kind of parties do we mostly have? (more then 1)
8 Okay,for the last one.Do you think I should make another quiz? (tell on wall too!)