How Well Do You Know Annabelle Elvy?

think you know annabelle elvy? think again,,

1 What Is Annabelles Birthday?
2 What Are All Of Her Pets Names?
3 What Does She Want To Be When She Grows Up?
4 Who Is She Most Likely To Hang Out With At Saint Augs Dances?
5 What Is Annabelle's Substitution For Thank You?
6 What Is Annabelle Most Worn Colour?
7 Annabelles Most Loved Item Of Clothing:
8 Who Has Changed Her The Most?
9 What's Her House Like?
10 Which Animal Organisations Does She Support?
11 Annabelle's 2 Most Used Words Are:
12 If Annabelle Was In Charge Of McDonalds She Would:
13 Annabelle's Top 3 Things To DO With Friends: