How Well Do You Know Annabelle Elvy?
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How Well Do You Know Annabelle Elvy?

think you know annabelle elvy? think again,,

1. What Is Annabelles Birthday?
2. What Are All Of Her Pets Names?
3. What Does She Want To Be When She Grows Up?
4. Who Is She Most Likely To Hang Out With At Saint Augs Dances?
5. What Is Annabelle's Substitution For Thank You?
6. What Is Annabelle Most Worn Colour?
7. Annabelles Most Loved Item Of Clothing:
8. Who Has Changed Her The Most?
9. What's Her House Like?
10. Which Animal Organisations Does She Support?
11. Annabelle's 2 Most Used Words Are:
12. If Annabelle Was In Charge Of McDonalds She Would:
13. Annabelle's Top 3 Things To DO With Friends: