Have you been Good or Naughty this year?

See if you are on Santas good list or Naughty list this year!

1 I have brushed my teeth every day this year
2 I have took a shower every day this year
3 I have told NOT ONE lie this year
4 I have not missed a day of school or work this year
5 I have not cheated on ANYTHING this year
6 I have not said ONE cuss word this year
7 I have not had a Sexual dream this year
8 I have washed my hands EVERYTIME i've used the bathroom
9 I have not killed any animal this year on purpose
10 I have NOT masturbated this year
11 I laughed at the question before this
12 I have not picked my nose this year
13 I have not thumped a booger this year
14 The last question made me smile
15 I have not woken up drunk next to someone I did not know this year
16 I laughed atleast ONCE during this quiz