Stacy's "How well do you know the Fat Kids?" Quiz.

Been to the BBQ'S? Been a victim of "The Intoxicator"? Laughed til you peed? Or just had an all around kick ass time out in the sticks? Then you know the fat kids....Let's see how well........

1 Who was the inspiration for the Tony P Rule?
2 Where did it all begin?
3 Identify this quoter "Let's drink some "Burrs"
4 Who was the victim of the ingenius burr fight?
5 Who slept under the stars on a tarp at the 2nd anual 4th of July bash?
6 What do Fat Kids eat?
7 On any given night the Fat Kids will have a spontaneous get-together where?
8 Who passed out by the hobo barrel and then woke up "pissed" off (or maybe it was on)?
9 Out of boredom, the Fat kids have shot up many objects. What was the latest object to be destroyed via a 22?
10 Who always comes armed with a slow cooker and tortillas?
11 On Halloween 2008 what was Dave's costume?
12 Last but not least,When attending a Fat Kid party, what should you NEVER come without?