Stacy's "How well do you know the Fat Kids?" Quiz.
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Stacy's "How well do you know the Fat Kids?" Quiz.

Been to the BBQ'S? Been a victim of "The Intoxicator"? Laughed til you peed? Or just had an all around kick ass time out in the sticks? Then you know the fat kids....Let's see how well........

1. Who was the inspiration for the Tony P Rule?
2. Where did it all begin?
3. Identify this quoter "Let's drink some "Burrs"
4. Who was the victim of the ingenius burr fight?
5. Who slept under the stars on a tarp at the 2nd anual 4th of July bash?
6. What do Fat Kids eat?
7. On any given night the Fat Kids will have a spontaneous get-together where?
8. Who passed out by the hobo barrel and then woke up "pissed" off (or maybe it was on)?
9. Out of boredom, the Fat kids have shot up many objects. What was the latest object to be destroyed via a 22?
10. Who always comes armed with a slow cooker and tortillas?
11. On Halloween 2008 what was Dave's costume?
12. Last but not least,When attending a Fat Kid party, what should you NEVER come without?