How well do you know your vampires? Quiz 1

Think you know about vampires? Take this first quiz to see..

1 Dracula comes from Transylvania, In which country is located.
2 Who is Draculas Rival?
3 What is the name of Draculas henchman
4 Who is the character Dracula allegedly based upon?
5 In Interview with a vampire, Who sets fire to Louis de Pointe du Lac's house?
6 In Interview with a vampire, A vampire risks self-destruction by doing what?
7 In Inteview with a vampire, What happens soon after Claudia cuts off her hair?
8 Louis and Claudia journey to France to seek other vampires. Where do they encounter some?
9 In the lost boys, what was written on the back of the Santa carla sign?
10 In the Lost boys, where is the emerson family traveling from?
11 Why does grandpa read the tv guide in The lost boys
12 Which vampire does the frog brothers kill first?
13 In Underworld How many children did Alexander father?
14 In Underworld, Victor Was Awakened how far Ahead Of Schedule
15 Finish this Underworld quote. Finish the quote: "We were slaves once. The daylight _______ of the vampires."
16 In Underworld, Lucian said You're acting like a pack of
17 In Twilight, What hand did Edward stop the van with?
18 In Twilight, How old was Renesemee when she said her first word?
19 In Twilight, Who is the leader of the Nomadic Coven?
20 In Twilight, when and where was Edward born?