The tes of tests!

This quiz is all about luck, knowledge, and ambition. People of all ages can try out my test and see if you are worthy to call yourself a quiz wizard. Quiz Wizard=100%-83% Second Place=83%-67% Your Just Average=67%-50% Need Help=50%-33% Somethings Horribly Wrong=33%-17% Your just FUBAR=17%-0%

1 What is the name of the orange 5 gum?
2 What are you doing now?
3 What do the colors of the American Flag symbolize?
4 What college school did Al Groh head coach for after resigning from th New York Jets in 2000?
5 Which days are christmas day and christmas eve in the month of December?
6 What is the remaining name of the new Call of Duty?
7 Do you play video games?
8 What is the tallest rollercoaster in Dorney Park?
9 What are the two names of the teams in matchmaking in team slayer?
10 Is it possible for an ally to die as they throw a grenade and you to accidentally walk into it and die too?