The Random Quiz

Dive deep into the complicated yet simple mind of Tyrell and find out what you trully are deep down in the very essence of your soul. This quiz will allow the eyes of Tyrell to stare straight into your mind and often, Tyrell never likes what he sees, unless he does.

1 Do You Know Tyrell?
2 If you look up someone's nose, can you see their shoe size?
3 Grab your sword and fight the...
4 If you could cast a spell, what spell would it be?
5 If you were a soda, what would be your name?
6 You the chance to kill one Disney Celebrity, who would it be?
7 What do you think will happen on December 21st, 2012?
8 Which one of these movies is favorite movie?
9 If you enlisted in an army, what army would it be?
10 Which one of these words make you feel?
11 How often do you argue with your computer cam?
12 What do you think your resulting Quiz result is?