How well do you REALLY know me? :)
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How well do you REALLY know me? :)

Take this quiz to show me how well you REALLY know me and how much of a true friend you really are... hahah ;)

1. What is my favorite color?
2. Where was I born?
3. Which of my best friends do I hang out with the most?
4. What do I want to be when Im done with college?
5. Who is my boyfriend?
6. Whats my favorite thing to do?
7. What is my room decorated in?
8. What is my FAVORITE kind of food? :)
9. What is my FAVORITE holiday?
10. What is my favorite song?
11. What do I love to do.....
12. What do I have the most of?
13. What is my FAVORITE movie?
14. How many brothers/sisters do i have?
15. Where do i want to get married at (church or outside)? And where do i want my honeymoon to be?