How well do you REALLY know me? :)

Take this quiz to show me how well you REALLY know me and how much of a true friend you really are... hahah ;)

1 What is my favorite color?
2 Where was I born?
3 Which of my best friends do I hang out with the most?
4 What do I want to be when Im done with college?
5 Who is my boyfriend?
6 Whats my favorite thing to do?
7 What is my room decorated in?
8 What is my FAVORITE kind of food? :)
9 What is my FAVORITE holiday?
10 What is my favorite song?
11 What do I love to do.....
12 What do I have the most of?
13 What is my FAVORITE movie?
14 How many brothers/sisters do i have?
15 Where do i want to get married at (church or outside)? And where do i want my honeymoon to be?