Do You REALLY Know ya Cannabis ?

This is a cannabis quiz to test people to see if they really know what cannabis is !

1 What does "hydro" mean?
2 What is a "trichome"?
3 What can yellow leaves tell us about a plant ?
4 How can industrial hemp be used in medicine?
5 What is the healthiest method of consumption and also the easiest to regulate?
6 How do you flower your plants?
7 Where is "11 hydroxy delta 9 THC" produced?
8 An acre of hemp can yield 4 times as many paper products as an acre of trees?
9 Cannabis is known to ...
10 Smoking hemp gets you high...
11 Which of the following can be found in "soap bar" (English hash)?
12 Which are the 3 most commonly known ingredients in a trichome?
13 How long does "space cake" take to work?
14 Which of the following are "Sativas"?
15 The Cannabis plant is a distant relative to: