Do You REALLY Know ya Cannabis ?
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Do You REALLY Know ya Cannabis ?

This is a cannabis quiz to test people to see if they really know what cannabis is !

1. What does "hydro" mean?
2. What is a "trichome"?
3. What can yellow leaves tell us about a plant ?
4. How can industrial hemp be used in medicine?
5. What is the healthiest method of consumption and also the easiest to regulate?
6. How do you flower your plants?
7. Where is "11 hydroxy delta 9 THC" produced?
8. An acre of hemp can yield 4 times as many paper products as an acre of trees?
9. Cannabis is known to ...
10. Smoking hemp gets you high...
11. Which of the following can be found in "soap bar" (English hash)?
12. Which are the 3 most commonly known ingredients in a trichome?
13. How long does "space cake" take to work?
14. Which of the following are "Sativas"?
15. The Cannabis plant is a distant relative to: