How Well Do You Know The Twilight Saga?
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How Well Do You Know The Twilight Saga?

In this quiz your going to be asked questions from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn! E:

1. In Breaking Dawn, what gender & name is Bella & Edwards child?
2. In Eclipse, who said this "They are all new-only months old to tis Children, in a way. They will have no skill or strategy, only brute strength. Tonight their numbers stand at twenty. Ten for us, ten for you-it shouldn't be difficult. The numbers may go down. The new ones fight amongst themselves."
3. How many vampires are in The Volturi Guard (PARTAL)?
4. What Coven are the Cullens in?
5. What gift does Zafrina have?
6. How many chapters are in New Moon? (NOT counting the epilouge)
7. What hair-color does Edward like?