How Well Do You Know The Twilight Saga?

In this quiz your going to be asked questions from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn! E:

1 In Breaking Dawn, what gender & name is Bella & Edwards child?
2 In Eclipse, who said this "They are all new-only months old to tis Children, in a way. They will have no skill or strategy, only brute strength. Tonight their numbers stand at twenty. Ten for us, ten for you-it shouldn't be difficult. The numbers may go down. The new ones fight amongst themselves."
3 How many vampires are in The Volturi Guard (PARTAL)?
4 What Coven are the Cullens in?
5 What gift does Zafrina have?
6 How many chapters are in New Moon? (NOT counting the epilouge)
7 What hair-color does Edward like?