Do you know Taylor lautner?

how well do you know the heartthrob of New Moon

1 What's his middle name?
2 How tall is he?
3 here's a hot one! what's his abs?!
4 he is decended from what blood line
5 what's he want to be besides acting?
6 When's his birthday?
7 where was he born?
8 hidden skills?
9 what's he do when he's nervous
10 what's the first movie he made?
11 what's his role in the Twi series
12 what's his favorite kind of food
13 what IS his favorite food?
14 what does his dad do?
15 his favorite color?
16 what's his favorite sport
17 is pet dog Roxi. what is she?
18 how he get into acting
19 what year did he become a black belt?