Will you ever get over your EX?

Want to know if you will ever get over your ex? Take the quiz to find out!

1 Do you still have pictures of your EX?
2 Do you still look at pictures of your Ex?
3 Do you call your ex?
4 Do they cross your mind atleast once a day?
5 Do you still cry over them?
6 Do you call their phone just to listen to their voice on their voicemail?
7 Do you write them letters?
8 Do you write them letters, and never give it to them?
9 Do you jump everytime the phone rings, hoping it is them?
10 Do you have them a specific ringtone so you will know it is them calling?
11 Did you take this quiz because you want to get over them
12 Did you take this quiz because you miss them?
13 Do you compare other people to your EX?
14 Do you hope when you go somewhere you will see them?
15 Do you pray that they will come back?