Which Person is Right for You?

When dating someone, have you ever experienced the feeling of "being in love". This feeling, as great as it can be, often causes you to blindly accept bad things about the person you are dating. "With the divorce rate over 55% in the United States today (and often higher in other countries), it is important to know your partner as intimately as possible before taking the plunge!"

1 What do you look for in a person?
2 You Are on a date with your boyfriend, he:
3 What is most important to you?
4 What is your favorite type of film?
5 You would dump your boyfriend if.
6 Protective but trusting.
7 Environmentalist.
8 Ashamed to be around me or say that you love me
9 Geek (technology lover).
10 Complain about the things I do.
11 Emu/buzz cut hair.
12 Anime/mange love.r
13 Singer
14 Not the type to betray/leave those you care for.
15 Likes many colors.
16 Animal lover.
17 Afraid to be yourself around me
18 Loving/caring.
19 Will think I look nice in anything.
20 Taller than 5'6".
21 Dancer.
22 Would try your best to include me in conversations or hangouts.
23 Thankful for all that you have.
24 Helpful/Honest.
25 Gamer/Player