Are you SUPER FLY, or just a MAGGOT?


1 If someone payed you 1 million dollars to eat your own Shi* would you?
2 If someone payed you 1 million dollars to eat someones eleses Shi* would you?
3 If someone offerd you 1 million dollars and free Gas for a year to have sex with the fattest person in the world would you?
4 Would you be GAY for a day (having sex and all) to win 1,000 dollars
5 If you were offerd 2 million dollars to let 5 people shi* in your mouth, would you do it?
6 If you could win a car (not knowing what kind of car) to have a 10 inch dildo shoved in your ass, would you do it?
7 Would you give up one lung to save a life of someone you didnt know?
8 If your significant other, or best friend, had cancer and had to shave their head, would you shave yours to make them feel better
9 If you HAD to drink your pee, or mustard,water,pickle juice,baby vomit mix which one would you choose
10 Did you Gag During 2 girls and one cup
11 Did you gag during this quiz?