Find out how much you know about iCarly in the: iCarly ULTIMATE QUIZ!!!

1 (AN EASY ONE TO START) What type of show do the crew run?
2 (Easy) Who is Carly's best friend?
3 (Easy) Who does Carly hate?
4 (Easy) What is Carly’s fave food?
5 (Easy) Who is Carly's brother?
6 (Easy) What does Freddie do?
7 (Medium) What does Lewbert do?
8 (Medium) What was the name of ICarly's biggest fan?
9 (Medium) Why did Sam Carly and Freddie hatch chicks?
10 (Hard) How many times did Nevel try and ruin iCarly?
11 (Hard) What is Freddie's proper name?
12 (Hard) What did Spencer and Freddie's sign say after it short circuted
13 (Hard) What is the name of the apartment Carly lives in?
14 (Hard) In one of the iCarly specials (isave TV) , what is the big dinosaur called?
15 (Hard) In one of the iCarly specials (ifight Shelby Marx), who is thought to have tackled Shelbys grandmother?
16 (Hard) Who thought of the idea to call itheir webshow iCarly?
17 (Hard) What is Mandy's full name?
18 (Hard) What was the name of the fattest priest?
19 (Mix) What channel is iCarly on?
20 (Mix) Who has a big crush on Carly?
21 (Mix) Where does Carly's father work?
22 (Questions on the cast) Who plays Carly Shay?
23 (Questions on the cast) Who plays Sam Puckett?
24 (Questions on the cast) Who plays Freddie Benson?
25 Did you like this quiz?