Eminem and other rap fans quiz 3

See how much you know about rap, hip hop and R&B even answer questions about your favourite rap stars!

1 Finish the song: 'When I'm Gone Just ___________'
2 What rapper has a daughter named Haylie?
3 How did 50 Cent get shot?
4 How many times did 50 cent get shot?
5 Which Rap band sings "EVERYWERE I GO"?
6 Who sings Number 1?
7 Who sings "low"?
8 Complete this line:"kiss my butt____________"
9 Who sings EMBERS?
10 What is the name of The place were EMINEM lives?
11 Which 1 on theese is NOT a film?
12 What was Flo ridas song that stayed in the charts longest?
13 Which record company is eminem with?
14 who is the best, richest and most poular?