You Think You are "BEAUTIFUL AND HOT" Find out...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, do you know the basics when it comes to cosmetics and all the other resources that can help you put your best face forward? Take our quick quiz and see if you have the know how to look like a million bucks with some simple yet affordable secrets.

1 The first thing you will notice about me would be:
2 I have often received compliments & gifts from my boyfriend/friends
3 My sense of humor is.
4 I have often found people gazing at me.
5 I am happy most of the times.
6 While out for a party...
7 I am intelligent.
8 Eating habits. Which of these snacks might you is found eating?
9 Genetic imperfections. Which of these do you suffer from most often?
10 Physical Appearance. Which of these faces is most like yours?
11 Which phrase do you most agree with?
12 What do you think about friends?