Test Your Super Mario Knowledge #2

Test your Super Mario Knowledge in a weekly created 10 question quiz

1 How many nozzles does the F.L.U.D.D. have in Super Mario Sunshine?
2 Who can jump higher? Mario or Luigi?
3 How many boos are in Luigi's Mansion?
4 What NES Mario game debuted the use of vegetables as weapons
5 Where does Mario discover Bombette in Paper Mario
6 What is Luigi’s side special attack in the Super Smash series
7 Which character does Charles Martinet NOT do the voicing of?
8 What was the first game where Mario could use a fire attack without a Fire Flower?
9 What is a MegaMushroom’s color sceme
10 In what game did the Hammer Bros. suit appear in
11 What was the first Mario Game where Bowser fought on Mario's side?
12 In what game did Mario/Luigi get the ability to ride on a Lakitu cloud?
13 In what game did Boos NOT appear in?
14 How many karts are in Mario Kart DS
15 How many points are a coin worth in Super Mario Bros.?
16 What is the name of the black Luma in Super Mario Galaxy?