Whats your skill level in MODERN WARFARE 2

Wanna know if your a total noob or if your a straight-up no life? Then take this Call of Duty: MODERN WARFARE 2 quiz!

1 You're running around and a sniper almost shoots you. What do you do?
2 You almost enter a building that has 3 or more enemies in it. What do you do?
3 What gun takes the most skill?
4 What do you do when the enemy gets an Attack Helicopter?
5 What do you do when you get the Predator Missle?
6 You just ranked up. What do you do?
7 You waste your whole clip going head-to-head with an enemy. What do you do?
8 What do you do before playing?
9 What do you eat while playing?
10 If you run out of bullets for your WA2000 and M1911.45, and your one kill away from AC130, what do you do???