Do you think you know me?

This is quiz to determine how well you know the mna, the myth, and the legend that is: B-West

1 Which of the following best describes my favorite meal?
2 When I'm not at work what am I most likely doing?
3 What's my favorite color?
4 What country was my "American" car manufactured in?
5 What is my Favorite place I have lived?
6 If I could go to any place in the world tomorrow, where would I go?
7 What animal would I most like to be?
8 How much do I like my job?
9 If I had $1,000 that I had to spend in 30 minutes, what would I buy?
10 How many different official job titles have I had with Goodrich?
11 What's colder than cold?
12 What's my all-time favorite TV show?
13 What is my second all time favorite TV show?
14 How much do you love me?