Which 155 Member are you most like?
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Which 155 Member are you most like?

Seeee which 155 member you are like!!! Are you Brent, Joel, Hans, Josh Kim, Kamil, Mike, Nick, Fishy or Ryan???

1. What Natio are you?
2. What Subject are you best at?
3. Humerous traits?
4. Ranking in the group(mcDonalds employee based Hierarchy)
5. What are you doing at a party?
6. What will you be doing 10 years from now?
7. Who is your best female friend?
8. Your about to die, the assassin gives you one final wish, what Do you wish for?
9. The group gets busted for thwoing apples at the year 10's, at marian court, how do you plead??