Which member of the ZE-ZANG BA-BESTANG are you?

Ever wondered which of the ZE-ZANG BA-BESTANG you were? Kajhal, Sophie, Jodie or Lizzie? Take this quiz and wonder no more!!!

1 What is your ideal camera?
2 What is your ideal summer's day?
3 What is your handwriting like?
4 What is your mum like?
5 What would someone's first impression of you be?
6 What would be your main activity when on the computer?
7 What would be your normal everyday outfit?
8 How musical are you?
9 How hard do you try at school?
10 What would be the average dinner in your household?
11 What best describes your household atmosphere?
12 What best describes your siblings?
13 What is your room like?
14 What would be a typical song you would listen to?
15 How would you greet a close friend?
16 What would be your ideal night out?
17 Which best describes your drunken behaviour?