How smart are you!

Have you ever wondered maybe I was meant for something more? Felt that you were like really super super super smart or that everyone was really really really dumb? Do you feel you have to act like an idiot around you friends or are consistently making things easier for everyone else to understand. Perhaps it is time to test your ability!!!!

1 If all the world is a stage then where does the audience sit?
2 If someone is trolling you online how do you win
3 Is there really a god?
4 A person is at the end of a rope and it is tied to a handle on a bridge he cries out help and if the rope were to break he'd surely fall to his death they're too heavy you have nothing to contact people with/no one is around what do you do
5 Is everything we do down to the littlest thing have some sort of personal meaning embedded within it?
6 How long would it take for you to lose complete sanity by being isolated and without anything
7 Are all thoughts/actions layered with more meanings?
8 How long would it take for a country to break down without any outside contact