How much do you know about Jiu-Wai Woo :)?

Answer several questions and see how much you know about Jiu-Wai! Til de som ikke forstår engelsk som for eksempel: Guro. Ikke ta det personligt...trengte bare et eksempel. Svar på noen spørsmål og se hvor mye du vet om Jiu-Wai! None of these question answers is what I like most of all, because no one except me knows it ;) So I made the quiz a little bit easier.

1 Jiu-Wai's favorite food-taste
2 Name of the game Jiu-Wai likes best
3 Which languages Jiu-Wai wants to learn most
4 What I like to do in my sparetime?
5 What kind of girls does Jiu-Wai like ☆.☆
6 Favorite color