Who dunnit and why? Politically speaking of course.

1 Who was the trouserless man running from the prostitue in America?
2 Who was in New York when 911 occurred?
3 Who's George Dubbya's bestest little buddie?
4 George Dubbya lied to us all about WOMDs in Iraq. Who also lied about WOMDs?
5 Just before the election someone lied about the children overboard? Who?
6 Which party faked a Green's promo handout?
7 Who was the Family First's favourite fellow, someone who supported them?
8 Who booted Gough Whitlam's Gov't out?
9 Why were the Labor party booted out?
10 Who provided tthe weaponry for Saddam to become President by coup?
11 Who had been the head of the CIA in those days & implicated in several murders?
12 Which US pres removed the head of the FDA to pass a poison as a sweetener?
13 Who else was involved with this sweetener?
14 What was the name of the sweetener?
15 Who absolutely detested George Bush senior?
16 Why didn't she like him?
17 How did the Taliban succeed against the Russians all those years?
18 What was wrong with the image shown of George Dubbya at kindergarten when 911 happened?
19 What was wrong with the image of George Dubbya looking through the binoculars?
20 Who ran the Gov't when George Dubbya was president?