How Obsessed are you with Home & Away??? :)

Find out how much knowledge and how obsessed you are with the tv series Home & Away!!

1 Sally had an imaginary friends his name was and what is his name know???
2 The series is located in which city and bay??
3 The Actor playing Belle Taylor her real name is???
4 Martha earlier on in the season began a surprising activity what was that??
5 The new teenage arrivals that have arrived in the bay ???
6 Tony and Racheal have just received the pleasure of being parents they named there child???
7 In what year did ADA ( Leah) join the cast of home and away???
8 The high school involved in the series is named??
9 How long has Home and Away been on Tv For???
10 How did Flynn propose to Sally??
11 Who plays Annie Campbell?
12 What is the first sentence in the shows theme song?