Which year 12 Holy Spirit 2009 RETAIL student r u?

For shitz n gigglez made by a collection of input from all the Retail students Holy Spirit College Bellambi Retail class of 09 Who will you be? Steven "You Glow" Uglow Jess "J-Lo" Lewis Cassandra "cassiesss cooool clllothing" Tomic Daniel "Bucket Head" Beckett Ben "chronic fatigue syndrom" Livermore Ellee "the silent laugh" Stobie Lou "LouLou" Curry Sam "Sammy" Ruperto Anna "The Guru of Coffee" Holtzanagol

1 What work do you do in Retail?
2 How often do you wag retail?
3 Walker asks, Who did their homework?, Your response is
4 Mr Walker asks me a question what do i do?
5 I most likely to get yelled at because
6 Walker tells us a joke, WHAT DO YOU DO?
7 Theres 5 minutes before the bell goes, Walker is blocking the door, what do you do?