The Ultimate Twilight Quiz

this is a quiz about all four books in the twilight saga. do not take this quiz if you have not finished all the books

1 Who was the first person to ask Bella to the girl's choice spring dance?
2 What is Bella's excuse for not going to the girl's choice spring dance?
3 In Breaking Dawn, who sees Renesmee, Bella, and Jacob in the forest hunting?
4 In New Moon, which motorcycle does Bella get?
5 In Eclipse, which of the two Cullens told Bella their stories?
6 In New Moon, who does Bella meet in Edward's meadow?
7 In Eclipse, after Bella left a trail of her scent for the new born vampires, who's back did she travel on to get as far as possible from them?
8 In Eclipse, what was the name of the new born that Victoria was pretending to be in love with?
9 What is the name of the last chapter of Breaking dawn?