What Dynasty Warrior Character are you?

Dynasty Warriors is a game based on ancient Han Dynasty elites from ancient china. Each of them represent a common human inequity - so what kind of Warrior are you? :P

1 Imagine you are in China, Han dynasty. Are you willing to fight?
2 Your master is surrounded in battle. What do you do.
3 What weapon would you choose out of these?
4 Your best friend has betrayed you. What do you do?
5 Your masters baby has been left in the castle during a major war. You are asked to retrieve the baby. What do you do?
6 The most skilled and feared warrior in China has encountered you. And wants to kill you. What do you do?
7 Marriage?
8 When death faces you, how do you react?
9 You get shot in the eye with an arrow. What do you say?