What Dynasty Warrior Character are you?
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What Dynasty Warrior Character are you?

Dynasty Warriors is a game based on ancient Han Dynasty elites from ancient china. Each of them represent a common human inequity - so what kind of Warrior are you? :P

1. Imagine you are in China, Han dynasty. Are you willing to fight?
2. Your master is surrounded in battle. What do you do.
3. What weapon would you choose out of these?
4. Your best friend has betrayed you. What do you do?
5. Your masters baby has been left in the castle during a major war. You are asked to retrieve the baby. What do you do?
6. The most skilled and feared warrior in China has encountered you. And wants to kill you. What do you do?
7. Marriage?
8. When death faces you, how do you react?
9. You get shot in the eye with an arrow. What do you say?