Which Instrument Should You Play?

In a classic Rock n' Roll band line up, what instrument are you suited for? Find out whether this compliments what you already do play, or otherwise what you should be playing.

1 After a heavy night on the town, which of these would you be most likely to do?
2 Which of these words do you feel, best describes yourself?
3 Which of these sexual antics, do you find the most appealing?
4 Where do you see yourself in 30 years?
5 If you were in a band which was involved in a lawsuit, would you;
6 How do you think you would most probably go about writing a song?
7 If things don't go the way you like due to conflict, would you?
8 Which of these would you be most keen on in the morning?
9 Which of these best describes you?
10 If someone you pass by does something (really) offensive, what you you be most likely to do?