Which Football Club do you belong to?

You may think you belong to Man United, Chelsea or Liverpool. but if you had to play football which club would choose YOU!!???

1 Wayne Rooney is asking you to cross the ball so he can hammer it into the back of the nets, what do you do?
2 you running with the ball, the defender is right next to you rubbing shoulders, all of a sudden you trip over your own feet, what do you do?
3 This time the guy actually trips you, the referee does not care and they score a goal.
4 You score a goal. the crowd screams in hate that you scored against there team. how do you celebrate?
5 Its the Uefa Final. its the penalty shootouts. you the last hope on winning the game. your nerves are wearing out. people are screaming hecticly. how is your shot. be realistic in this q it happens to the best of them