How crazily insane are you?

Quiz directly form the Rubab Khaled institute of hopelessly insane. This quiz helps you to find out that whether you qualify for this pathetic institute or not.

1 This is the last day of your high school, what do you do?
2 Tomorrow is the last day of your life, what would you do?
3 What would you do if you meet a madman?
4 "To unravel me you need a key. No key made by locksmith's hand, but a key that only I understand". What is this?
5 Whom do you like among these?
6 If you were strapped down, saying that you are crazy, what would you do?
7 What do you intend to do when you see a sad person?
8 Which of the following do you think you are?
9 Which of the phrases do you like?