Which MLSHS Year 12 Lit Student Are You?

(Mr Beckwith's Class) Are you most like Matilda, Meg, Jack, Darcy, Devaki, Samuel or Jocelyn?

1 It is the summer holidays, what are you doing to prepare for year 12 English Literature?
2 It's the first week back at school. You have an essay to determine whether you are "cut out" for year 12 English Literature. Your reaction?
3 You have just finished Heart of Darkness, what form do your notes take?
4 What subject are you most likely to be doing in Lit if you're not doing Lit?
5 You have to write a 1500 word essay on Gwen Harwood in your school "holidays". How are you going?
6 Did you enjoy year 12 English Literarture?
7 Who did you sit with this year?
8 What was your favourite text this year?