Which MLSHS Year 12 Lit Student Are You?
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Which MLSHS Year 12 Lit Student Are You?

(Mr Beckwith's Class) Are you most like Matilda, Meg, Jack, Darcy, Devaki, Samuel or Jocelyn?

1. It is the summer holidays, what are you doing to prepare for year 12 English Literature?
2. It's the first week back at school. You have an essay to determine whether you are "cut out" for year 12 English Literature. Your reaction?
3. You have just finished Heart of Darkness, what form do your notes take?
4. What subject are you most likely to be doing in Lit if you're not doing Lit?
5. You have to write a 1500 word essay on Gwen Harwood in your school "holidays". How are you going?
6. Did you enjoy year 12 English Literarture?
7. Who did you sit with this year?
8. What was your favourite text this year?